Library of Socialism

Selected Readings Offered by America's Socialist Party

The Two Souls of Socialism

Hal Draper offers a brilliant outline of what distinguishes Marxism from other approaches to socialism. Read More.

How Marxism Works

Chris Harman provides a brief and straightforward introduction to Marxist theory that also takes account of the contributions of later Marxists. Read More.

The Economics of the Madhouse

Chris Harman provides a clear introduction to Marxist economics. Read More.

Value, Price and Profit

Paul Zarembka writes an abridgement of Marx's own introduction to the labor theory of value, which underpins Marxist economics. Read More.

What is the Real Marx Tradition

John Molyneux gives a useful guide through the maze of self-proclaimed 'Marxisms.' Read More.

Socialism From Below

David McNally offers his well known overview of Marxist politics. Read More.

Trade Unions and Revolutionary Oppositions

Tom O'Lincoln surveys classic marxist writings.
Read More.

Market Mystification

Bertell Ollman exposes market mystification in capitalist and market socialist societies. Read More.

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