Hot Mic At White House Proves Reporters Are Deep In Bed With Politicians

"Ever wonder what all those White House correspondents talk about while they are waiting for President Barack Obama to step up to the podium? Well now thanks to a live feed and a hot mic, we know what MSNBC's Chuck Todd and Fox News' Ed Henry really think about Sen. John McCain (R-AZ).

Think & Defy the Capitalists

Living Cheaply. — The cheapest and most innocent mode of life is that of the thinker; for, to mention at once its most important feature, he has the greatest need of those very things which others neglect and look upon with contempt. In the second place he is easily pleased and has no desire for any expensive pleasures. His task is not difficult, but, so to speak, southern; his days and nights are not wasted by remorse; he moves, eats, drinks, and sleeps in a manner suited to his intellect, in order that it may grow calmer, stronger, and clearer.


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